Observational Research

महर्षि पराशर ने नक्षत्रों पर आधारित, लगभग 54 प्रकार की दशाओं का वर्णन किया है ,जिसने विंशोत्तरी दशा और षोडशोत्तरी दशा भी है ।
विंशोत्तरी दशा की शुरूआत के लिए पराशर कहते हैं “कृतिका नक्षत्र से गणना करनी चाहिए “
अर्थात् सूर्य से शुरूआत ।
परन्तु व्यवहार में शुरुआती गणना की जाती है अश्विनी नक्षत्र से ,अर्थात् केतु से ।

षोडशोत्तरी दशा भी नक्षत्रों पर आधारित दशा है, लेकिन नक्षत्रों और उनपर आधारित दशा में मेल नहीं है ।
उदाहरण के लिए, अगर किसी का जन्म उत्तर अषाढ़ नक्षत्र में हुआ है तो दशा की शुरूआत चंद्र से होता है ।
अब यहाँ कैसे मेल करें ??
उत्तर अषाढ़, सूर्य का नक्षत्र है ,पर दशा कहता है चंद्र का ??
इसी तरह, अगर किसी का जन्म कृतिका नक्षत्र में हुआ है तो दशा की शुरूआत बुध से होता है ।
अब यहाँ कैसे मेल करें ??
कृतिका , सूर्य का नक्षत्र है ,पर दशा कहता है बुध का ??
जरूरत है वापस मुड़ने का..
सही इतिहास को जानने का..
निज शोध का..

8 thoughts on “Observational Research

  1. Dear Krishna-ji,These nakshatra based Dasha-s are fully depndent on how the Lordship of nakshatra was defined. The first orominent Nakshatra is where the Sun shines during Summer Solstice. This was Vital for keeping a track of time division. Long back, it was in Ardra, then it shifted to Krittika. Still now we count from Krittika in a way (keeping Krittika for Sun. When the Solstice shifted to Ashwini, which is NOT a Prominent visible star, Chitra (at 180 deg opp) was identified for marking. However, due to some unknown reasons, Lordship of Zsun was not transferred to Ashwini.The Ashtottari Dasha still uses Krittikaadi as well as Ardraadi (starting from Krittika …or even from Ardra. You may notice one very important thing. Vimshottari uses a single starting point of Zodiac and then UNIFORMLY divides the Zodiac in a neat mathematical manner. It sends the Lodship of nakshatra at 120 deg intervals. The earlier Nakshatra systems were not like that. They were Non-Uniform in sizes as their sizes in sky differed. But the changing shapes of Nakshatra cluster had created many headaches and they needed to be corrected from time to time. Prior to the mathematical divsion of zodiac, generally 3/4 Naklshatra-s were grouped and a Planet (like Sun or Moon) were given Lordhsip over them.If you want to take a deepr look, please look at the famous SarvatoBhadra Chakra. The cluster of Nakshatra – their relationship to Dasha etc. becomes a bit clear. regardschakraborty

  2. नमस्तेबहुत शुक्रिया आपका । आप बिल्कुल सही कह रहे हैं, पहले नक्षत्रों का विभाजन सम नहीं था । पहले समय समय पर बीज correction किया जाता रहा है ।अब के समय में बहुत ज्यादा काम करने की जरुरत है । सर्वतोभद्चक्र को समझने का प्रयास जारी है । बहुत कुछ समझना है,पर कहाँ तक और कब तक ये पता नही Regards

  3. No, I have not read any book on the SBC. I have used the ' Formation' for some specific use only. May be some day I will be able to share it.

  4. Dear Krishna-ji,My answer was incomplete in some sense about SBC. Let me complete it.If you look at SBC, you will find that Nakshatra-s are put on outer borders. Seven (07) Nakshatra-s are occupying in each one of the four sides of 90 degree, equalling 28 nakshatra (of 360 deg of horzon) As you know, Nakshatra-s were of unequal sizes, ranging from 18 deg plus span to smaller ones. Directionally, it looks that the sages had considered 08 nos. of 45 deg spans for one Dasha. In that 45 deg span, they included 3 or 4 Nakshatra, depending on sizes. So you will get alternate 3 & 4 nakshatra being lord of one dasha. If you go deeper, you will find (at least for Ashtottari Dsha), that Dasha-s have specific directions. Sun dasha will be on East, followed by (probably) Moon dasha in S-E, Mars in South and so on (I don't have my notes with me right now. The Dasha-s involving the Main cardinal directions (E,S, W & N) involving Sun, Mars, Sat & Rahu gets smaller timespans – 6 yrs / 8 yrs / 10 yrs / 12 yrs whereas the corner direction dasha-s get longer span (15, 17, 19 & 21 yrs respectively for Mo, Me, Ju & ve.When we talk about Vim. dasha, it is generally considered that Dasha means TEN (10) which is comprised of 09 planets and lagna / ascendant. For ashtottari Dahsa, I may speculate that the 10 or dasha comes from 8 directions & two more (Urdhwa & Adho:) directions. Now what to do with these directions is not understood.This is what i remember about other Nakshatra & their lords part. Yes, like I said before, Sun Dasha could be reconed from both Ardra & Krittika as well in Ashottari… but in Vim Dasha, it is from Krittika only. That way, it can be said that Vim Dasha is more recent & started when Sun was in Krittika during Summer Solstice (2300 BC or older). Although Sun comes at 6 deg Oisces approx right now during Summer Solstice, we have kept Sun Dasha at Krittika !\”hope my inputs are someway useful.regardsChakraborty

  5. नमस्तेशुक्रिया आपका ।सर्वतोभद्चक्र में तो नक्षत्रों का equal division ही रखा गया है ?? पराशर होरा शास्त्र में दिए गए अष्टोत्तरी दशा बहुत clarity से दशा को नहीं समझा पाता है ।RegardsKrishna

  6. // सर्वतोभद्चक्र में तो नक्षत्रों का equal division ही रखा गया है ?? //No, I don't think so. The arrangement suggests Nakshatra-s are of Unequal sizes. In 1st case, 3 nakshatra makes 45 degree & then 4 Nakshatra make 45 degreeregardsChakraborty

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