कर्नाटक Election

 .yedurappa  जी .. 27-February-1943 / 3:01 

अगर ये सूचना सही है ,तो इस बार कर्नाटक में , अपने दम पर सरकार बनाना मुश्किल दिखता  है . सरकार बनाने के लिए  सहयोगियों की मदद लेनी होगी

3 thoughts on “कर्नाटक Election

  1. But Krishna-ji,What are the pointers for your predictions ? Based on the transits, I had my doubts about BJP gaining full strength. Jupiter – maximum retrogression indicated change of fortune, Sun exalted in Aries indicated good tiding for BJP… but its transit to Taurus at 11:42 hrs along with Moon (afternoon) indicated that tide will reverse from initial prediction of 122 seats to lesser one. But I could not connect it to Yeddyurappa's chart. Only KN Rao indicated that debilitated 8th lord Moon in 12th house is a Raj-yoga & same will make him victorious. ' Hope you would reveal a part of your reasoning.regardsChakraborty

  2. मैंने दशा / अन्तर्दशा / प्रत्यन्तर्दशा के आधार पर और साथ में चंद्र प्रवेश के आधार पर ये बातें कही . MOON / SATURN / RAHU तीनो का सम्बन्ध तृतीय भाव से , इसीलिए मैंने कहा सहयोगियों के साथ .regards krishna

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