World Economy -2017 ,mainly India / China / America economy -2017 ,mainly India / China / America

Despite the recent rebound in asset prices,financial conditions in US,UK & CHINA has been on a tightening trend since mid 2014 . Demonetization in India has also not helped the cause with growth rate of India downgraded.

To secure the future, investment in infrastructure is needed across a range of countries as this will give the much needed boost to the otherwise stagnant world economy.

China,now the world’s largest economy on a purchasing power-parity basis ,is navigating a momentous but complex transition towards more sustainable growth based on consumption and services. Ultimately,that process will benefit both China and the world.

In Europe,Brexit and a large scale refugee inflow is adding to the political strain.

Eventhough,the crisis from which USA economy is going through with very little job being created & debt increasing,looks to improve only after September ‘2018

But for Indian economy,it’s health will remain in poor state till 2021 . Eventhough ,the economy will show signs of improvement in between but overall the situation looks worrysome for India.

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