Narendra Modi overcome one hurdle in flying colours but its not going to be all easy for Modi from here as even the nature is going to take his test. As we have seen earlier in 1991 when Jupiter was in pushya nakshatra assassination of Rajiv gandhi took place and assassination of Indira Gandhi took place when Saturn was in tula ( in vishakha nakshatra). Now already Saturn is in tula (in vishakha nakshatra) and Jupiter will going to be in pushya on 4th July’2014.As we can see that on 13th July Venus will going to be in mithun rashi ( not good for the country), Rahu will going to be in kanya and Mars will going to be in tula with Saturn. A kind of planetary reshuffling… As far as I can see nothing good can be predicted. From the above combinations we can say that  
1 – Country will be in a state of internal and external turmoil.

2 – Mishappening with a leader of national stature.

3- It has been one year since Kedarnath tragedy and again we can see some combinations which can’t be said to be good .By looking the above combinations ..( so many planets will move from one rashi to another rashi, Saturn will be with Mars , five planets in vaayu circle and two planets will be in agni circle ), we can say that again some incident like earthquake ,tsunami can take place.

As we saw that the conditions are not looking good for our country in the near future and the same can be said for the rest of the parts of the world too.

3 thoughts on “SIMPLE ANALYSIS

  1. Dear Sir,I always check for your blog entries. The quality of writing is good. Only drawback is – entries are too less. Wish you could write a bit more. regardsChakraborty

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