PREGNANCY/CONCEPTION/CHILD BIRTH [Medical science V/s Astrology]

Medically –
Most of the time we don’t know the exact day when one got pregnant. Here is a primer on conception.
·          Ovulation / conception: – the expulsion of an ovum from the ovary .It usually happens about two weeks before next period. After the egg is released, it moves into fallopian tube. It stay there for about twenty four hours, wanting for a single sperm to fertilize it. All this happens, on average , about two weeks after last period.
·         If one sperm does make its way into fallopian tube and burrow into the egg, it fertilized the egg. The egg changes so that no other sperm can get in.
Calculating the due date of birth :-
Once pregnancy has been confirmed, what we want to know is our due date One of the first questions a man and women ask each other when they know that a baby on the way is when will it is due?
                                  Calculation of the due date is by no means an exact science. About 96% babies do not arrive on the calculated due date, no matter which method is used in the calculation. There are various methods –
     The count back method.
     The ‘40 week’ method.
     The ‘266 day’ method.
Conception – When Moon is in unupachay house from women’s natal moon and aspected by Mars.
Upachay house – 3, 6, 10, 11 houses.
Unupachay house – 1,2,4,5 7, 8,9,12 houses.
Calculating the due date of birth –
     At the time of conception see the degree of Moon.
Suppose Moon is in Simha 22:33
     Now see the Moon’s dwadashamsha.
Moon’s degree is 22:33, so 10th dwadashamsha.
Simha 10th dwadashamsha = vrishabh.
     When Moon enters  vrisabh after 240 days of conception , it’s the time for child birth(in one rashi Moon resides for two to two and half days).It takes either 241 days , 253 days/ 249 days /265 days OR 269 days and in some cases more than 270 days.[ in medical terminology doctors may call it premature birth or post term birth ].
Success rate – 100%
Once again we say that astrology is super –science.
Female – 4th April 1989 / 13:55/ Delhi.
Karka lagna – 19:24, Moon in Kumbha – 25:18.
Last day of period – 25th December 2012.( due date given by doctor -2nd October 2013. Due date given astrologically –between 24th -26th September 2013)
Conception – 3rd January 2013 – Moon in Simha 24:23 , aspected by Mars from makar(8th aspect).
Here Moon is in unupachay house from the lady’s natal Moon ( in 7th house from natal Moon which is in Kumbha),aspected by Mars.
on 31 August 2013 , 240 days cpmpletes.
After 31 August Moon enters vrishabh on 24th September. She admitted to hospital on 25th morning and at 9.45 pm a son was born.
25th September 2013/21:45/Delhi.


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