2014 is here and its time to make your plans,—- be it in share market or making a career choice. Let me help you out with some of my predictions for the year to come.

But before proceding, let’s see how my predictions for 2013 went.
1. Govt. will be able to save itself even after facing serious challenges,which did happen.
2. Chances of mid-term was there when 2013 started but as I predicted, it did not happen.
3. Differences between centre and state were predicted with state having upper hand.
4. Significant changes in the judiciary were predicted.
5. Heavy rainfall killing many people around oceans / River was predicted.
6. Share market crashed, as predicted.
7. Most importantly, small parties were said to come in dominant position, which we saw in Delhi.
Now moving ahead to 2014 and let’s see how it will go..
With Raghuram Rajan having already said RBI will soon come out with major banking reforms,it will be very interesting to predict what the reforms will be.  It can be said that many private players will be given bigger roles in Indian banking sector. This can be a huge opening house for the Indian market.
2. WAR
Some clashes on the border with our neighbouring countries can be expected.
It may result in loss of land for India.
2014 will be a good year in this field as many innovations will take place.

Whether it is BJP or Congress at the center, Jayalalitha / Navin Patnayak will play very important role in forming central government.
Few amendments in the constitution will take place by the govt. regarding border disputes.

Some encouraging breakthroughs in the field of research are to take place.
Chance of an Indian artist getting Oscar this year ( may be for best cinematography / camera man)
We can expect a major policy by the govt. on agricultural reform.

The situation in property market will remain gloomy this year.

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