Indian economy & Property market

Only a few years ago, India was, along with China, viewed as a
sleeping giant that had awoken, at least as far as economic
development was concernedThis view was completely wrong.
We are now partway through a full cycle of crises, beginning with the United States
(from 2007) and Europe (from 2008 in earnest). It is now the turn of
emerging markets to face real problems, including India, a country that
experienced great and long overdue success for 20 years.
Almost the same story can be seen in the property sector of
India which till now was booming attracting each and every man
with some penny in his pocket for investment. But the story
is changing now, the ever growing Realty is feeling slowdown pinch.
The economic slowdown, inflation and steep interest
rates have been dampeners for the real estate sector.
But the important question to ask is, when is this downfall
going to halt?
Analysing  astrologically we can say that the story is going to
remain the same in 2014 but things are going to improve
from the start of 2015.

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