The Pentagon is preparing for a longer bombardment of Syria than it originally had planned, with a heavy barrage of missile strikes followed soon after by more attacks on targets that the opening salvos missed or failed to destroy.
We have all since long hearing news about US planning to attack SYRIA, RUSSIA trying to defend SYRIA as RUSSIA has strong ties to the Assad regime.
But before getting into all the politics and trying to predict whether US will attack SYRIA or not and in the counter reply will SYRIA launch an attack on ISRAIL a very close friend of U.S (As Israel’s strongest ally, the U.S. has pledged to defend Israel if the country is put under any kind of security threat) first let us analyse how this all started.                                                                 
Dating back to 1947, the Baathist party has ruled Syria for the vast majority of the country’s existence (50 years, to be exact). The modern Ba’ath party is identified as a socialist movement and is currently led by Bashar al-Assad, who came to power after the death of his father, Hafez al-Assad.
The 2011 Arab Spring activism in Egypt and Tunisia inspired Syrian protesters to take to the streets in demonstrations against Assad’s regime. Syrians voiced their unhappiness with the stagnant political process and were advocating for democratic reforms.
These protests did not go over well with the government, which responded with extreme measures including the kidnapping, torture and killing of protesters. Government troops began opening fire on civilians, who fired back in response.
Civilian rebel forces then began organizing and arming themselves to combat government violence, which led to government military powers destroying entire neighbourhoods and towns. Combined, the rising tensions between the two groups created the current state of civil war.
Recent allegations of the government’s chemical weapon use on civilians have prompted the international community to contemplate serious intervention.
Looking at all this astrologically what we can see is that the current war like situation will remain same i.e, warlike without war till 25th Feb 2014.
But after the above date world politics will take a turn for good but its start will not be peaceful at all. Warlike situation will come closer to war after 25th Feb 2014. Many wrong decisions out of ego will be taken and the situation will become worse.
If all this is not enough to destabilize the situation we can also expect an earthquake between 25th Feb to 5thMarch 2014.

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