Today BJP declared the name of its PM candidate – Mr Narendra Modi .

Let us examine the horoscope of India. 

Does India want change of power or not ?

Answer is “NO” .

By hook or by crook ,Congress is going to retain power with it at the centre.

2 thoughts on “LOK SABHA ELECTION 2014

  1. Dear Krishna-ji,I find most of your analysis & prediction is outstanding. However, in this post, your prediction did not match.In older posts, especially about 2013, you had predicted that Congress will remain in power. To me, it seemed that Simha Lagna of Hindu year / Chaitra Shukla pratipada gave the clue. Simha being a fixed sign indicated no change in status.In 2014, the Lagna came to 29 degree of Scorpio, Hence, many believed that this year also, no change would take place. However, the Lagna depends on how you define starting point of Pratipada. Most astrologers take that timing of exact conjunction of Sun & Moon as the start point. But that is actually the Amavasya. As per Tithi calculation system, Pratipada starts when there is a 2.16' degree-cal distance between Sun & moon. It comes after approx 4 min 15 sec past Amavasya. There is a good article by TIFR on Tithi Calculation, available in internet which supports this.If you take definition, the Lagna is at start of Sagittarius for 2014. Hence, all calculation changes. And also change of Government is also justified. May be, you may look it from that angle too.regardsChakraborty

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