1 – In latest legal blow, Pakistani court confines Musharraf to his home
From Jethro Mullen. Nic Robertson and Nasir Habib, CNN
April 19, 2013 — Updated 0950 GMT (1750 HKT)
Musharraf was placed in police custody at his home following his arrest on April 19, in an unprecedented move against a former army chief of staff ahead of key elections.

He was arrested for making a decision to sack judges when he imposed emergency rule in November 2007 – a move that hastened his downfall.

He also faces charges of conspiracy to murder opposition leader Benazir Bhutto in 2007 and over the death of a rebel leader during a 2006 military operation.

The retired general has been humiliated since returning in March from self-imposed exile to contest elections.
2 – The former president is now being kept there under house arrest, his lawyer says
3 – Former military ruler General Pervez Musharraf (retd) was formally arrested on Thursday in the Akbar Bugti murder case.
Baluch nationalist leader, Nawab Akbar Bugti, was killed in a cave on August 26, 2006 during a military crackdown ordered by Musharraf.
Bugti was the chief of the Jamhoori Watan Party and an influential tribal chief, who controlled the gas-rich district of Dera Bugti.
Two local police officials confirmed on Thursday that Musharraf had been questioned at his Islamabad villa by Baluchistan police.
Lots of news about Musharraf is everywhere in Pakistan, in India and may be all over the world. He has been stopped from contesting any election in Pakistan for life. He has been kept under house arrest.
Astrologically ,he is making prudently smart plans. After August 2013 he will  bring Army & Judiciary in his favour and may  succed in 2nd exile. He is making great plans for his benefits, which is not evident from outside ( APNI JINDAGI KA SABSE BADA ZUA).

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