In the 1970s there was intense optimism amongst scientists that some method of predicting earthquakes might be  found, but by the 1990s continuing failure led many scientists to question whether it was even possible. While many  scientists still hold that, given enough resources, prediction might be possible, many others maintain that earthquake  prediction is inherently impossible.

That earthquake prediction might be intrinsically impossible has been strongly disputedBut the best disproof of  impossibility — effective earthquake prediction — has yet to be demonstrated.

We are still trying out new ideas for accurate earthquake prediction which will not only help the mankind in saving a lot of life but will aid in the growth of a country’s economy too.
With my present calculations, It seems earthquake will take place in India somewhere between 17th/18th Dec’2012 , 24th/25thDec’2012 , 3rd/4th Jan’2013 & 7th/8thJan’2013 and during the same period natural calamities can be expected at different places Worldwide.

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