Journey from 6th house to 8th house through 7th house .

Every house has got its own importance in astrology.
For example, 5th House helps in analysing the mental orientation of a person.
 9th House helps in analysing Father, Guru. Similarly other houses have their own significance.
I have tried here to understand 6H/7H/8H. Rao sir has repeatedly expressed his desire for further work on relation of 6th house and 7th house.
In astrology, 7th house represents Aasakti (attachment) & Virakti  (detachment).
7th house deals with all kinds of interpersonal relationships, which may be internal or external. Involvement of some level of interdependence is required in interpersonal relationship. When people are in a relationship, they tend to influence each other, share their feelings and thoughts, and engage in different activities together. Finally impact of any type on one member of the relationship will have some impact on the other member too. In other words, this is termed as attachment.
Now what is virakti & who is VIRAKTA? According to Shree Adi Shankaracharya –Virakta person should get rid of internal & external – both types of attachments for attaining moksha. External relationship of sensory organs with subjects and internal relationship of sensory organs with ahamkara have to be in complete control of the person. This can be achieved by getting detached from all types of inter-personal relationships.
Now from here (7th house) two ways to feel the existence of GOD have  emerged, which are as follows.
1)   GYAAN MAARG (6th+7th house house).
2)   BHAKTI MAARG(8th+7th house house).
1)   GYAAN MARG…. Here the virakta does not mean leaving day–to-day activity and staying in forest or staying being total aloof. Rather virakti means leading a life without being attached to any person/  object, always in the state of mind analysing what to accept and what not to. With the help of logics, the virakta struggles with the problems/fights of life and finally achieves the destination (clear role of 6th house).Example : Uddhav – a great knowledgeable person. He is Lord Krishna’s friend but not attached with The Lord.
2)BHAKTI MARG…. Here the basic ingredient is attachment. Without being attached one cannot be a devotee. Example; Radha, Meera and Gopis’ affection with Lord Krishna is well known. Though Gopis are not wives of The Lord , still so much love ( very clear role of 8thhouse).
Gyaan (6th house) is incomplete without bhakti (8thhouse). Root is 7th house. To understand this let us go through this very informative story of Bhagwat Geeta.
   Once Krishna left Gokul and Vrindavan, he never went back there. One day, when Krishna was with his friend Uddhav, he said to Krishna  “O Krishna, you say wise words, you share so much of wisdom with us about various aspects of life, it makes our life more meaningful, more enjoyable. You have never gone back to Gokul and Vrindavan and therefore, all the Gopis must be in pain of missing you so much. I believe they need this amazing knowledge of yours to handle their pain and sufferings.” 
Krishna on listening to this says “Oh dear Uddhav, you are such an amazing friend of mine. Why don’t you go there and impart this knowledge with them? I am sure that will help them in reducing that intensity of the pain of separation.” Hence, Uddhav decided to go to Gokul. The news of Krishna’s friend coming to Gokul was so exhilarating for Gopis that they all were so excited to meet Uddhav. Just because he was Krishna’s friend and they were all expecting him to say how Krishna was, what was he doing nowadays and every minute details about their love, Krishna. But, Uddhav on his arrival, did not say anything about Krishna. Instead, he started speaking the knowledge. Gopis had so much of patience that they all honoured the knowledge that he spoke, but after hearing what Uddhav had to say, one Gopi went to him and said,    “Uddhavji, the knowledge you are speaking is so beautiful and wonderful. It is simply amazing. But our hearts and minds are full of Krishna “.
कौन      ब्रह्म   की         जात…      ज्ञान         का       से         कहो             उधो।
हमरे          सुन्दर        श्याम..           प्रेम            को         मारग       सूधो ।।
 Uddhav realized that he was amongst so deeply devoted souls who did not need any knowledge. They were all enlightened just because they felt so strong connection with them. 

Although they were miles apart physically, they all felt so connected with Krishna. Krishna was living in their heart and minds forever. They felt His presence everywhere. This is the power of Bhakti. Once you become true Bhakt, true devotee, simply your connection with the divine blossoms your life.
As said, Bhakti and Gyan are complimentary to each other. Our journey ,which has started from 7thHouse, will be from Gyan to Bhakti or from Bhakti to Gyan. In this life through 6th house/ 7th house/ 8th house,  moksha [12th house] will be  obtained or punarapi janamam……….

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