Power struggle in Pakistan is played primarily keeping the Army in the center .After getting independence, democratic governments formed in Pakistan, but the army has been removing the constitutionally formed government after certain time intervals and taking control of the power.In the present situation activity of army, activity of judiciary, and political activity seem to be separately polarized.
More importantly , USA is taking interest in Pakistan’s power struggle. It is said that USA has been appreciating the democracy as per its own interest. USA had been appreciating sometimes constitutional government and other times the army government . The Pakistani government has been preparing its policies regularly keeping USA viewpoints in mind.Due to the present situation, the Judiciary, after becoming more powerful, is progressing ahead to save its existence. It seems, as earlier, the army is not interested in taking power into its hands by its direct involvement.At the same time the Pakistani public seems to be behind the constitutionally elected government .The judiciary can not come independently in power and it can only support the government. There is more possibility of constitutional government formation .

USA is also going for election this year. It is struggling with its internal problems.Hence USA will not take interest directly in Pakistani politics.It has to make balance between Pakistan & Afghanistan. USA is badly struck in Afghanistan & it has to take help from Pakistan for the same.Thus USA will not be in favour of a disturbed Pakistan.
Like the earlier army rulers, Musharraf too could not manage to keep the power in his hands for long.He also had to face the challenges of the judiciary and finally he has been out of Pakistan for several years.Thus it seems the army does not want to take control of power directly.

The chances of early election in Pakistan has increased dramatically . Trapped between both sides ( army+ judiciary) Gilani has very few options but resign and allow the people of the nation to elect a new government.

Between 20th Septemper and November, 2012, Pakistan can have election—— astrological prediction based on Chakra Dasha + Sun Ingress Chart

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