The Hindu News :
Memogate: Zardari hints at ignoring judicial commission report
Pakistan President Asif Ali Zardari has said that the government will accept a parliamentary panel’s decision on the authenticity of an alleged memo that had sought U.S. help to stave off a feared military coup in Pakistan, setting the stage for a fresh confrontation with the Supreme Court that is also investigating the scandal.

“Let both decisions come. In my view, parliament is sovereign,” he said in the interview with Geo News channel.
The apex court has formed a judicial commission and tasked it to probe the Memogate scandal in a month. Chief Justice Iftikhar Chaudhry has indicated in his remarks in court that he believes the Supreme Court is better placed to investigate a matter like the Memogate scandal.

Pakistan’s President Zardari has been in news for last some months. He had gone to Dubai for treatment as per the news channels and there was rumour that the army will coup the government.

Astrologically from Bilawal Bhutto’s chart , time span of 21-April-2012 to 9-June-2012 is not favourable for Mr. Zardari . It is possible that he will have to leave Pakistan during 27-October-2012 to 21-February-2013.Again period from May-2014 to July,2014 is not fovourable for him.

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