Election dates in 5 states( U.P., Punjab, Manipur, Goa & Uttarakhand) have been announced today by the Election Commission.The result is to be declared just before the Holi. This election is very challenging,interesting and may be a turning point. This is first major election in states after corruption movement, reservation for Muslims( QUOTA within QUOTA).Congress and BJP are the main national parties.

Astrological Analysis :
It is possible that Congress will gain more number of MLAS. The fight is going to be neck-to-neck. But finally Holi colours seem to suit BJP in a better way.

Threefold ANALYSIS:

1.. Dasha

2.. Kot- Chakra

3.. Double transit

DASHA..prana dasha:

congress… Rahu
bjp.. Rahu.( its rahu vs rahu)

Both are strong. slightly better chance for BJP .

On 4th may’2012(result day) almost equal chances for BJP & CONGRESS.

DOUBLE TRANSIT( Saturn & jupiter)..
Congress will succeed in more number of MLAS but power seems to move towards BJP.

Out of 3 situations , BJP is better in two situations. Hence overall BJP seems to be in better position in this election.

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