Year 2011 is visible as beginning of a new era on international front. Several new relations have been made and several old relations are in worst situation .If we focus on our own country-India, there was sense of instability in the beginning of 2011 in the whole country.At a time when our economy is already in troubled waters with high rate of inflation and rising oil prices some more instability could be very dangerous.

Hence it becomes very important to analyse –

Upto what time this uncertainty is to continue ? Is it going to attain a state of improvement or same plight will keep on frightening us or the situation will further worsen .

In the month of July’2011, a major change seems to take place . Does this reform will come at the cost of government ?

Is this uncertainty the representative of future CERTAINTY ?

Is this going to be the first major step towards India being superpower?

In April uncertainty was visible, so was in May and June also . But government could manage the status quo. But in July’2011 a major change is going to take place. May be country is heading towards a big political crisis and the Central govt. will be on backfoot.

We here try to examine the causes of day to day happenings astrologically by charts as shown below. The incidents which we saw in the first quarter of 2011 had actually started to take shape when Jupiter was in transition between meena/ kumbha / meena ( atichari) and Saturn was retrograde. Saturn supported this trend [which Jupiter had set by being atichari] by being vakri .

When Jupiter & Saturn came face to face , it was the beginning of a long story yet to be unfold. Now Mars & Rahu come into play and bring some violence / aggression in the story .

Now we analyse the revolutionary changes in the states and the reason for the instability of the central government

and some additional points through following charts.

1. Chaitra shukla pratipada chart’2011…. 3-April-2011 / 20:02:13 / Delhi

2. Surya samkranti April’2011…. 14-April-2011 / 13:00:06 / Delhi

3. Surya samkranti May’2011…. 15- May-2011/ 9:50:36/ Delhi

4. Surya samkranti 15thJune’2011/ 16:26:46/ Delhi

5. Surya samkranti July’2011…. 17-July-2011/ 3:21:36/ Delhi


1. Change in leadership in state.

West Bengal – Mamta Bannerjee ended the 34 years rule of communist to become the first lady CM of WB.

The world’s longest-ruling, democratically elected communist government has been swept out of power. After 34 years of unbroken rule, the Left Front government in the eastern Indian state of West Bengal has collapsed. A dark, diminutive woman who wears plain cotton saris and no makeup has won by a landslide.

Mamata Banerjee was not even a front-rank leader when she broke away from the Congress to form a splinter party, Trinamool Congress, in January 1998. She wanted to fight the communist-led Left Front, which had been in power in West Bengal since 1977. But the Left Front supported the Congress against the Hindu, nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party in the Indian parliament. So she left the Congress to fight the communists. It was not easy. Her party won only 29 seats in the 2006 West Bengal assembly elections.

But now Mamata Banerjee and the Trinamool Congress have won a crushing victory. In alliance with the Congress, they won 225 of the 294 seats. The Left Front won only 63. Others took six.

The Left Front dug its own grave when it stopped supporting the Manmohan Singh government in protest against its nuclear agreement with America.

The Congress then teamed up with Mamata.

She alone had the courage to fight the communists, who dominated the state for 34 years. An entire generation grew up under communist rule. There are police officers and other state government officials who have served under no other political masters. The party office had a say on who served where. The state government – and the communist party – packed the education system with its own appointees. While the college teachers’ retirement age has been raised in other states, in West Bengal they still retire at 60 because the government can then select new teachers for appointment. The West Bengal education system is in a shambles, said Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, thanks to the Marxists.

Kerala- UDF replaced the LDF govt.

The United Democratic Front (UDF) led by the Congress defeated the CPI (M) led Left Democratic Front by the thinnest possible margin. The UDF captured 71 seats against 69 of the LDF. It may be mentioned here that in Kerala almost as a rule governments are changed every five years.

Though the state was poised to live up to its reputation of giving mandate to the rival coalitions alternately, the UDF tally fell far short of its expectations going by its splendid showing in the Lok Sabha polls in 2009.
In 2006 Assembly polls, LDF won 98 seats and UDF 42.

Even as the UDF scraped through, the performance of the coalition leader Congress’ performance was none too impressive as it could win only 23 seats.

Chaitra shuklapratipadachart’2011… 5th lord ( 5th house signify State ) in 12th house aspected by 6th lord and Mars showing chage in state

Surya samkranti April’2011….. 5th lord in 9th house with 6th lord & 12th lord and aspected by 8th lord . ( confirming the above)

2. Wrong documents come into play to malign the image of the government.

At a time when Pakistan, the state responsible for engineering terror strikes against India, is hugely on the back-foot because of Osama bin Laden’s surprise killing by elite US commandos, India has committed a colossal blunder. Instead of availing the opportunity to highlight its genuine concerns vis-à-vis Pakistan, it has created a most erroneous stand. The blunder in the 50 Most Wanted List, apart from exposing our own commitment to bring justice to the victims of 26/11, also shows institutional, procedural and coordination problems among the various agencies, which has resulted in the current mess. Most of all, it demonstrates our lackluster approach to counter-terrorism measures.

Chaitra shuklapratipadachart’2011…. Mercury debilitated with Mars and aspected by Saturn .

In D/9 also debilitated Mercury is aspected by Mars & Saturn .

Surya samkranti April’2011…. Mercury is again with Mars and aspected by Saturn

Now we will analyse astrologically why every time it looks as if the government would fall but towards the end it stays.

1. Chaitra shukla pratipada chart’2011

10th lord in 6th house with 6th lord.

In D/9, 10th lord debilitated +12th lord in 10th house clearly indicates unstable centre .

D/1 ,saving grace,Jupiter aspects 10th house

D/9.. 10th lord aspects 10th house.

Again Jupiter aspects 10th house.

2. Surya samkranti April’2011

10th lord in 9th house with 6th lord and 12th lord.

D/9… 10th lord in 6th house in rahu/ ketu axis.

Again shows unstable centre .

Saving grace.. in D/9.. Jupiter in 10th house.

3. Surya samkranti May’2011-05-31

10th lord in 10th house with 6th lord & 12th lord.

In D/9.. 10th lord in 12th house with 8th lord.

Again confirms the above .

Saving grace.. in D/1 & D/9 Jupiter in 10th house.

4. Surya samkranti June’2011

10th lord in 2nd house , debilitated , in rahu/ ketu axis , aspected by 8th lord from 8th house. ——–Showing instability.

In D/9.. 10th lord aspects 10th house… protecting 10th house.

Saving grace of Jupiter again Jupiter aspects 10th house.

5. Surya samkranti July’2011

10th lord in 5th house indicates reshuffling .

In D/9.. 10th lord in 6th house is aspected by 8th lord from 12th house. Situation worsens here.

Jupiter’s suraksha kavach also is not present. Hence it seems that coming July will be decider of the fate of the central govt.


C y credibility of some financial institutes as well as some banks may be checked.

Chaitra shuklapratipada chart’2011

2nd lord in 6th house.

In D/9.. Jupiter( keeper of wealth ) is debilitated in 2nd house .

2nd lord is retrograde and aspected by 8th lord.

Surya samkranti June’2011…. 2nd lord in 8th house.. not good.

2nd lord aspecting 2nd house gives protection to 2nd house.

Moon ( regulator of market ) debilitated in 2nd house in rahu / ketu axis .

In D/9.. 2nd lord in 6th house aspected by 6th lord from 12th house.

2nd lord is also aspected by 8th lord .Situation deteriorates here .

It seems that due to irregularities of financial institutions there may be some panic in the market and market crash.

2. Internal security of the country is in danger after 15th June ‘2011, specially between 20th to 25th June .


15th june….. sun changes rashi … 15-june-2011 / 16:26:46 / Delhi . Saturn is in mrityubhag(India’s makar lagna lord ) , Moon is debilitated with rahu .

15th june…. Poornima .

15th june…. total lunar eclipse visible in India (covering Taurus and Scorpio rashi )

23rd june ‘2011 …. Transiting Mars degree is same as in Natal India’s chart

Transiting mars…. 7:27:21

Natal mars….. 7:27:21.

From the kundali of Indiua and also the paksha kundali it can be seen that we can expect some more attacks like the Taj

Or even huge loss resulting from a major fire.

Note :

Total lunar eclipse will be visible in Arab countries also. Mars is with Ketu; hence it seems that the situation might deteriorate in this region again.


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