World in 2011

Only few days are left for us to say ‘ bye’ to the year 2010 and thus the year 2011 is very close to us to welcome and celebrate Happy New Year .

Here , we will discuss the major changes in 2011 on international level and also in India based on cpc’2011 & dasha.


1 ….. Saturn / Jupiter opposition .( revolutionary changes)

2…..Saturn / Mars combination in 1/7 axis ( very explosive situation ).

3….. Degree of cpc’2011 Mars & natal India Mars are same ( again very explosive situation )

4….. Mars in Piesces ….. bad for people’s health .


1…. The concept of superpower will change .




2….Head of one of important countries will die after prolonged illness or in accident .

3…. Army will become more powerful.

4…..2011 will bring a remarkable change overall and revolutionary change will be felt also.

While passing through explosive situations, the world will start creating new excellent era.


1….. To combat terrorism , the govt. will discuss with neighbour countries and form a strategy for the same

2…. Eminent danger to the security of India being threatened by internal disturbances .

3…. Deep medical research/ Major breakthrough in medical science .

4…. Share market crash probably between May – July.

5…. State unrest.

6…. Change in leadership (in state as well as in center also ).

7….Govt. to come out with some legislation or ordinance to curb judiciary and FDI .

8….Difficult times for Congress from Aug-Oct.

9…. Nexus between media and govt.will further deteriorate and the role of eminent personalities will be in doubt .

10…Credibility of some financial institutes as well as some banks may be checked .

11… Strong claim for permanent seat in UNSC.

12….Strong economic growth.

13 …Beginning of a new era …. strong relationship with powerful nations .

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