One bad Monsoon is on the verge of completing its session. People will expect that next Monsoon will be better. Alas this could be true. Contrary to the expectations of people, another worse monsoon is to follow next year.

Weaker monsoon means less rain. Rain is very important for agriculture in our country.
Agriculture contributes 19% to the Indian economy. We have seen less & erratic rain in 2009 and also similar situation existed in 2006, 2008.
Thus bad monsoon in 2006, 2008, 2009 and then also in 2010 in continuation will compound to less crop and then may be the government will have to import certain type of food grain which will take the economy to the back front.

One can have idea of the possible rate of grain & other eatables in 2010 from the present scenario. Pulses will become luxurious item, it seems. Sugar will taste bitter. Vegetables will be vanishing slowly from the plate. In the last some months, pulses have become so costly that the government had to sell the pulses at the different govt. outlets.

Less crop will lead to price rise and as a consequence most of the families will curtail the amount of eatables or the quality. Cost cutting of different forms will lead to tension followed by more tension….. One problem leads to another problem and in turn to the next problem. This can be visualized by the following example.

All of us know the famous story – The husband ( in home) has hot discussion with wife in morning on future planning, goes to office & fires his office assistant for a simple mistake. The office assistant ,in turn, exchanges two official files while delivering them into 2 different offices separated by 120 km., thereby delaying very one important work to be finished on the same day…
Truly speaking, monsoon controls our sentiments.

Increase in the rate of agricultural product has adverse effect on rate of every other item, as international market is totally interconnected.

Less crop/ no crop also means less money to our peasants . We has news of so many farmers even committing suicide for last some years.
It is only those people whose earning is far better than that of average, will not in trouble initially. Then we know that every rule has got at least one exception. Do we know, there is one rule which has no exception?

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