MANGAL DOSHA or MAANGLIK is defined as a birth that occurs whenever MARS occupies 1st , 4th, 7th, 8th & 12th house in a horoscope.Some omit the first house and take 2nd house. Even the various shashtras os astrology differ as to which house it is present , what the exception are and what the effects and remedies are.

Mangal dosha (MANGLIK DOSHA ) is one of the biggest misconception and fears in the Hindu society with respect to marriage.The Mangal stigma is the most misunderstood aspect of vedic astrology.Superstition and incompetent guidance by the half baked astrologers has created negative hype about MANGLIK-MARRIAGE prospects.

Each planet has a meaning in astrology.MARS is a planet which signifies fire/ agression, so people are tend to believe that it burn the relationsip between a husband and wife.In astrology 1st house represent native as a whole, 4h represent comfirt, 7h represent spouse, 8h represent mangalya sthan &12th house represent bed pleasure.So whenever MARS is placed in these houses it is believed that all the above are suffered.But that’s not true.A lot of importance should not be given to MARS.alone.RAHU , KETU, SATURN & SUN should also be carefully analysed while matching any chart.If it is posited well in a horoscope it will be good indication and the reverse would be indicate negativity.

BRIHAT PARASHAR HORA SHASTRA says ” if MARS is placed in lagna , 12th house, 4th house 7th house & 8th house without any conjunction of the benefic planets the husband of such a woman will certainly have an early death.”
In the very next verse he gave the other important exeption as follows ” if a woman with a widowhood yoga marries a man with similar yoga , such yoga will be cancelled.”So in the 2nd verse he cleared that this dosha is cancelled if both the girl and boy have mangal dosha.

This dosha must be examined from MOON VENES and SATURN also.As per exception and cancellation some specific points are considered, whice are ….

1….No dosha if MARS is in its own house or exaltation house.

2….No dosha if aspected or associated with benefic like JUPITER.

3….If a strong benefic is placed in 9H then the dosha of MARS in the 7h & 8h cancelled.

4….No dosha when MARS is in 4th house in aries or in scorpio(own sign).

5….No dosha when MARS is in 7th house in the sign of capricorn and cancer(exaltation & debilitation sign)

6….No dosha when MARS is in 12th house in the sign of taurus and libra.

7….Association of MARS with JUPITER AND SATURN in certain cases cancels the dosha.

8….Retrograte MARS does not cause dosha.

As there are 12 houses in a horoscope and as MARS in 6 houses causes Mangal dosha , it simply means that 50% of the people born have Mangal dosha and all are going to be suffered sooner or later due to bad/ disturbed marriage.Is it true ?SIMPLY…”NO”.The problem lies somewhere else .So its only a myth .

2 thoughts on “MANGAL DOSHA…..A MYTH.

  1. I sincerely hope that after reading the above analysis, the common mass treats the \”Manglik\” concept in a much positive manner.

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