loksabha election’2009

Again the dance of democracy begun.The Election commission on Monday(2-3-2009) called the dates for the 15th LOK SABHA election,setting the stage for a month long gruelling battle, which will starts on 16-4-2009.

Will it once again be the Congress-led UPA ?or will the BJP- led NDA return to govt. ?

Let us analyse it astrologically.

But before this we will have to know the history of CONGRESS and BJP in short.

CONGRESS : Indian National Congress (also known as congress party) is a major political party in India.Founded in 1885 by Dadabhai Naoroji , Dinshaw wacha , Womesh Chandra banerjee etc.After independence in 1947 , it became nation’s dominant political party.

After emergency in 1977 more Congress faction were formed , the one remain loyal to INDIRA GANDHI being popularly known as Congress (I) with an ” I” for Indira , formed on 2-1-1980.

In the 2004 general election the congress alliance won the largest no. of seats and got an assurance from the left front upsetting the Atal Bihari Bajpayee -led NDA. Sonia Gandhi backed the eminent economist , former Union Finance Minister and senior congress leader Dr. Manmohan Singh for the post of Prime minister and he was sworn-in as Prime minister on 22-5-2004.

BJP : The Bhartiya Janata Party (BJP) founded in 1980 , is a major political party of India.Designed to represent the country’s majority community and centre right in nature, the party advocates conservative social policies ,self reliance ,foreign policies driven by a nationalist agenda and strong national defence.

The BJP , in alliance with several other parties , was in power from 1998 to 2004 with BAJPAYEE as prime minister and ADVANI as his deputy.

The BJP-led NDA suffered a shock defeat in the general election in 2004.
The comparison of performence of CONGRESS & BJP during the above period.


ELECTION DATES…..16-4-2009 TO 13-5-2009> >RESULT : IT SEEMS CONGRESS FORMING THE GOVT.> >ANALYSIS,> >CONGRESS,> >VIMSHOTTARI DASHA RUNNING….JUP/JUP/JUP (22-2-09 TO 5-6-09)> >IN D/1….JUP is LL &10L in 4H,> this JUP is aspected by 3L&8L(VEN) , 6L(SUN)> >10L in 4H aspecting 10H so strenthening the 10H.>10L in 4H also means that seat of power due to work.> >connection with 3L denotes third party involvement(work is not completed without the involvement of a third party).efforts also> >connection with 6L denotes competetion.> >connection with 8L denotes manipulation/secret deal etc.

LL aspected by 6L & 8L ..means at this time getting some kind of suffering which effect is long lasting.> >in D/10,> >this JUP is in 5H with LL &8L(D/10) aspecting 11H(house of gain)>JUP here is 9L&12L .>JUP as 9L sitting in 5H and aspecting 11H(very good)> >initially not favourable but finally supporting.> >BJP> >vimshottary dasha running…..MERC/VEN/VEN(up to 19-4-2009)> thenMERC/VEN/SUN> >MERC is 22nd D/3L and VENUS is 64th D/9L(showing suffering)> > IN D/1> >MERC is LL & 4L in 9H in R/K axis .aspected by 6L,11L,8L,9L,7L,10L(here again third party involvement and manipulation is seen)> >VEN….12L&5L in 12H aspected by 2L from 6H(showing gain)

SUN …3L in 10H (alliance party is surely going to take over)> >IN D/10,> >MERC is in 10H with 3L &12L> >VEN exalted in 3H with 7L and in R/K axis

SUN….is in 6H .SUN is 8L here .here SUN deriorated .
> >here in D/10 connection with 2H/L or 11H/L is not made.> >initial favourable condition seems not to favour in the last.

This govt. will be facing some hard times till MARCH 2010.

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